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English/Language Arts (ELA)

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  • Desmos
    Widely regarded as a "gold standard" math app.
  • TenMarks
    Free website offering tens of thousands of Common Core-aligned math problems.  Some flipped instructional capability and assessment opportunities.
  • Wolfram Education Portal
    Free website - lesson plans and interactive instruction aligned with Common Core standards.


Social Studies

  • The Big History Project
  • The Out of Eden Walk
    A journalist "…retraces on foot humans' migration out of Africa." (Educational Leadership, October, 2014, p. 8)
  • "Mood Map"
    An interesting take on the regional attitudes of the United States.  Take the test for yourself!  Is this a legitimate measure of who we are as Americans?  As Ohioans?
  • World War II: Day by Day Map
    A different look at the day by day progression of World War II (European theater).

World Language

  • Duolingo
    Free app geared toward learning other languages - also useful in ESL/ELL settings.
  • Google Translate
    Translators are sometimes touchy ground, but used appropriately are an amazing tool!

Other / General Interest